Washing machines

Leading supplier for three decades

Efficient, cost-optimized and environmentally conscious.

Since 1988, KSN has produced processing machines for industries all over the world. We’ve been involved in virtually all types of machines in numerous different industries. However, one type of machine has been common throughout the years: Washing systems for degreasing and cleaning products in all sizes and materials. Our experience has given us a position as Northern Europe's leading supplier of industrial washing machines for degreasing. We develop, install, and service machines all over the world. KSN is your natural partner when your company require products and parts cleaned in an efficient, cost-optimized and environmentally conscious manner.

All washing solutions must be set up to fit into the processes of our customers. Whether you have an existing processing line or are designing a new one, we ensure smooth cooperation with the other partners and suppliers in the process. We know you need: