Techman Robot - also called TM Robot - is a Taiwanese manufacturer of collaborative robots. TM Robot develops and produces robots that is easy to program and with the Smart Vision System (camera).

Brd. Klee is the importer of TM Robots, and KSN is designated as an authorized dealer / system integrator who can help with installation and service.

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The innovative flow-based robot programming software - TMflow - was developed by Techman Robot. A graphical interface is used with intuitive "click and drag".

The simple user interface allows operators without any programming experience to set up the robot quickly and easily - often in less than 5 minutes.

Smart Vision System



Range: 900 mm
Lifting capacity: 4 kg


Range: 700 mm
Lifting capacity: 6 kg


Range: 1100 mm
Lifting capacity: 12 kg


Range: 1300 mm
Lifting capacity: 14 kg