Test rig solutions

When precision is crucial

Your source of high quality - from development to delivery

Many of our customers produce products that must withstand difficult conditions. Their customers depend on the credibility of the products to work correctly. Therefore, the requirements for many technical products are high - and defects are not only annoying, but can often cost you orders.

We work with lots of companies that have products with numerous functions, and these functions must be tested as realistically as possible before they go out to the customer. It can be tightness, movement, limit values, stress test, measurement / monitoring and much more. There are rarely two tasks that are the same - but the requirements are always the same: Easy to operate and high precision.

Testing equipment is often associated with the final test in a production, but this is not always the case - there are many other situations where test equipment can help your company in the processing of your products.

  • Development - parts of the finished product or special functions must be tested in situations that can simulate the reality in which the finished product is to work.
  • Production - during the process, the product must be tested before entering the next process.
  • Final test: The products will be tested according to the requirements of the market.
  • Training and demo. During installation, all employees are trained in understanding the equipment.

KSN manufactures test facilities in accordance with applicable regulations in the compressed air regulation ISO9906, EN16297, 2014/68 / EU Pressure Directive. We have worked with everything from Art. 4 pcs. 3 to category 4.

We have certified welders who carry out all our work according to welding procedures (WPS). It ensures the required methods are applied and the right quality of the welds in all materials. Calculations of containers and pipes are made in accordance with (DS EN 13445 & 13480).