Customized washers

For special requirements

For special requirements

KSN has extensive experience in parts washing of all sizes and weight classes. We have supplied solutions processing parts up to 10 Tonnes. In case you may have many special parts which are cleaned manually an automated customized washer will generate significant savings.

Please consult us with your needs. We should also be pleased to pay you a visit clarifying your needs and design the right solutions in terms of:

  • Quicker washing process
  • Savings in labour costs and soap
  • Improved working environment
  • Higher quality in the degreasing process

Improved working environment and less waste
  • Our customized solutions will be an integral part of your process which means less handling and a better working environment
  • Extraction fans are mounted ensuring a better working environment in the washing process.
  • Optionally, an oil separator can be mounted making the washing water last longer and thereby saving water/soap and reheating of water. Furthermore, costs of wastewater disposal can be minimized.