Custom machines

We never give up!

We can imagine what you can't.

Lots of people think that machines can only work with visible processes where materials are processed, moved or assembled. The processes can be milling, sawing, drilling, grinding, fastening, washing or applying - all processes where machines can replace people without getting tired.

Machines can do much more than that. Machines can complete processes and operations that are impossible for people to perform, due to heat, cold, quantity and speed requirements. Often a strong demand for precision for controlling processes and quality is required.

KSN combines mechanical expertise with our extensive knowledge of electronics and various thermal and chemical processes. We can solve tasks for you, and help you save money that you’re currently paying to suppliers. It can also be a question of solving challenges with materials that you have to pay to dispose of.

Try us out - give us a challenge from your daily life, and let us create a solution for you that:

  • Saves money on supplier expenses
  • Saves time in transportation and transformation
  • Saves money on disposal
  • Improves work safety for your employees

Here you can read how one of our customers solved a problem with a combination of robots and special features.