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KSN has been installing machines since 1988. We have more than 2000 machines on our reference list and hundreds of installations all over the world. A KSN solution is designed to operate around the clock, and many of our customers turn to us when they need new solutions or require the development and implementation of new features.

Since many machines also work hard and are under a huge amount of pressure. To increase efficiency and durability, it’s a good idea to perform the necessary service on your equipment, also because acute issues can occur which requires insight into your machine’s functionality.

That's why we have a team of employees who travel around the world and service the machines of our regular customers. They know the machines - some have even participated in both the development and production of them - and this saves a lot of time when challenges have to be solved, or a routine check needs to be carried out.

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Preventive service is better than a crash.