Conveyor washers

Precision and efficiency

Conveyor washers from KSN are designed and ideal for parts with a certain complexity, weight or requirements to particular gentle handling. The conveyor washer ensure a precise positioning of the part which can be fixed during the entire washing process. Thereby even very complex parts can be processed and degreased efficiently.

We install conveyor washers in your existing production line and ensure feeding and speed, precision and quality in your process.

Quality and efficient operation is ensured in 3-4 processes:
Washing: In the first zone the parts are cleaned with a alkaline cleaner which dissolves residual oil and cooling lubricants from tuning, cutting, stamping, or bending operations. In a conveyor washer the position of the part can be fixed enabling sprayers to wash difficult and complex areas. Optionally, an oil separator can be installed making the washing water last longer and thereby saving water and soap. All metal shavings and other impurities are caught in a special filter.

Rinse: The rinse zone is built up in the same way as the washing zone. The purpose is to remove the alkaline cleaner from the cleaned parts.

Drying: Lastly the parts are dried by means of hot air, heated up to 100 degrees.

Optionally coating: We can design your solution applying a coating which is suitable for the onward process.
Improved working environment and less waste
  • Our conveyor washers can be installed as an integral part of your process which means no extra parts handling. This means less heavy lifting for the employees.
  • Our conveyor washers are programmed to start when parts are fed saving power and water.
  • All conveyor washers are mounted with an extraction fan to avoid steam etc. from being emitted locally and not exposing employees.
  • We design our washers as closed systems to minimize noise and odor nuisances leading to significant energy savings keeping the heat inside the washer.
  • All washers are service friendly constructed and easy/quick to maintain.
  • Optionally, an oil separator can be mounted making the washing water last longer and thereby saving water/soap and reheating of water. Furthermore, costs of wastewater disposal can be minimized.

Dimensions which suit your requirements
Our washing and degreasing systems can be configured to handle parts with a weight from a few grams up to 10 Tonnes. A conveyor washer is the solution if precision in the washing process is important. Parts which require a particular gentle treatment and fixation are also suitable in a conveyor washer.