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Much more than machines

For over 30 years KSN has developed complex and custom-made machines. This means that over the years we’ve also built up a very competent staff with specialist knowledge in machines and processes. We specialize in metalwork, electricity, and automation in all aspects of production:

  • Automation. Competitiveness is everything in the industrial market, and when quality and precision are prioritized, and wage costs are kept to a minimum, automation is the way forward. We have streamlined processes - large and small - since 1988.
  • Robot Programming. We have experience with many different robot suppliers including KUKA, ABB, Universal Robots and TM Robot. We implement our solutions in numerous industries and processes, and if you need a partner in robot programming, then you need our solutions.
  • We also rebuild existing systems. The task is typically to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption in a process, while increasing the access to more comprehensive production data.
  • Energy consumption monitoring. We have many years of experience in monitoring machines output and performance. We also have a fully developed concept that can keep an eye on your consumption of electricity, water, heat, compressed air and more. You reduce waste, avoid crashes and save money. Contact Jarl Gorridsen or Morten B. Madsen via our subsidiary
  • Supply boards. We can provide your supply boards from design and purchasing to installation and service. Both when we deliver machines or when you need boards as a standalone product.