About us

More than 30 years of industrial experience

Inventors that don’t work with templates

Focus and strategy

KSN has almost 30 years experience as a developer, designer, installer and service partner on specially designed machines. We have deliberately held onto our "inventor" status and our company DNA within development, instead of sticking to "a product" or "an approach".

We employ approx. 40 employees hand-picked, skilled in seeing opportunities in real-life challenges. This is our focus – it’s exciting and difficult at times ... but the benefits for our customers are tangible improvements within:

  • Innovation
  • Processes
  • Quality
  • Time & Cost
We supply to the industrial market, and our customers are some of the largest and most successful market leaders in their industries in Denmark and abroad. Our strategy is to be a development partner for the customer's production people. Our focus is always creating competitive advantages in the market.


The best people to solve the problems are those who have their fingers on the pulse and know the daily life of our operations. We firmly believe in this, and therefore you won’t find a lot of engineers in our company - we don’t work as consultants, and we don’t approach the issues from a abstract level.

Our approach is always practical, and tangibly based on the specific problem. Our people are trained in the operation and design of machines - and combined with skilled employees within controlling and electronics. At KSN, the key is practical experience.


Creating Solutions Together is our motto and our way of life. It may sound trivial - because "doesn't everyone do that?". You may ask "Don’t you always work closely with the customers?", but for us it’s more than a motto that has been invented to satisfy a need for "corporate communication". It’s the backbone of the company.

When solving complex production needs and redesigning technical workflows and processes, it is necessary to work closely together with customers, other suppliers and competitors in order to develop the right solution.